Denise Chapman Weston has spent more than 35 years developing unique family attractions, gaming experiences, toys, and play concepts both dry and wet, including the award-winning Foam Factory®. She is also a trained psychologist and “playologist”, with more than 15 years of clinical practice and research. Her one-of-a-kind skillset has made her a subject matter expert in the science of play. Denise may be best known for one of her greatest inventions, MagiQuest, a live action story-based game which has entertained nearly 5 million families!  With Creative Kingdoms, Denise holds 40 patents.

She developed the world’s first “live action video game”, The Great Barn, which received a Thea Award for Outstanding Achievement and immediate recognition as the Best Family Entertainment Attraction in Atlanta. She also led the charge in turning your personal device into a pocket playground offering adventures in your hands, creating live action mobile apps using augmented reality and other sophisticated interactive technology.


Having built and patented the very first interactive waterplay system in 1989, Rick Briggs is not only an industry pioneer – he is one of its leading innovators.

Since his first creation, Rick has continuously challenged himself and his engineering team to create environments that have thrilled customers and defined an entire field, taking amusement park entertainment to a whole new level.

The success of Rick’s play systems rests on his ability to design various components to encourage interaction – and sometimes playful competition! – between participants. Today, with more than 30 patents, numerous awards, and countless fans of his creations worldwide, Rick continues to lead the way in interactive play design, forever at the forefront of an industry he knows and loves.