Denise Chapman Weston

Director of Imagination, Playologist and Inventor

Since she was 7 years old, Denise has been developing innovative entertainment attractions, gaming experiences, storyworlds, toys, and waterplay concepts for families around the world. Creations with her trademark spin on story-rich play and immersive technology can be found at major theme parks and family entertainment facilities worldwide.

As a trained psychologist with more than 20 years of clinical practice and research in play theory, her attraction designs come to life with a rare kind of authenticity. She is a “Playologist”: an expert in the science of play and engagement! Her unique design capabilities are fed by a deep understanding of human behavior, and how it truly interplays with technology in live, social entertainment experiences.

Her achievements include hundreds of award-winning waterplay and theme attractions for world-renowned brands such as Six Flags, Universal Studios, Disney, and SeaWorld, as well as children’s museums amusement parks around the world. An inventor at heart, she holds over 120 patents and developed revolutionary live action video game, MagiQuest: a patented tracking system – you become the avatar, in a personalized adventure game packed with hundreds of multimedia interactions. Nearly 5 million families have played in at least one of 18 worldwide locations, waving real magic wands to become Master Magi.

Denise has also pioneered developments into Actual Reality (AR) apps that turn mobile devices into "remote controls" for multilayered interactive attractions. With Slideboarding, she brought the spirit of video games to real waterpark slides, globally tracking guests’ performance in both live locations and app-based gameplay.

If you find the zipper, you’ll discover Denise is actually a 7-year-old in a lady suit. She uses this youthful enthusiasm to bridge generations, uniting cool creators to turn dreams into profitable and innovative businesses. She is also committed to the creativity of new generations. 

Rick Briggs

Having built and patented the very first interactive waterplay system in 1989, Rick Briggs is not only an industry pioneer – he is one of its leading innovators.

Since his first creation, Rick has continuously challenged himself and his engineering team to create environments that have thrilled customers and defined an entire field, taking amusement park entertainment to a whole new level.

The success of Rick’s play systems rests on his ability to design various components to encourage interaction – and sometimes playful competition! – between participants. Today, with more than 80 patents, numerous awards, and countless fans of his creations worldwide, Rick continues to lead the way in interactive play design, forever at the forefront of an industry he knows and loves.