Apptivations has a holistic perspective of the project life cycle, from the first wisps of ideas through the living, breathing experience.

The "end-to-end principle" is a bedrock of computer design architecture. It suggests that systems will be far more reliable if application-specific features live in the end nodes of a network, instead of the intermediary networks or routers. 



There's power in designing with the "ends" in mind! It sets up a robust experience network, allowing us to reconfigure the interactive elements of your attraction easily without compromising the whole.

Interactivity and engagement are complex notions, constantly shifting to fit current trends. But we don't want them to feel complex -- we want them to feel fun! 

Apptivations will be your Design Sherpa as you conceptualize, plan, build, open, and operate your live experience. Not just project or product managers, we want to put on the hard hat and literally make it happen over and over again. Our team has lived on the factory floor. 

And the life cycle isn't over at your project's "Grand Opening". We're experts in the human element, which can be full of surprises...ultimately defining the success or failure of your attraction. We'll stick with it to make sure your guests are doing what we intended them to -- years later.