Apptivations has a holistic perspective of the project life cycle, from the first wisps of ideas through the living, breathing experience …and back again!

Future thinking around interactivity and engagement are complex to create--constantly shifting to fit current trends. We are brave inventors adventuring into the next evolution of entertainment by imagining beyond today's possible.


Apptivations merges live attraction settings and engaging retail, toys, and wearables to create never-done-before Actual Reality experiences and entertaining interactivity for families around the world.

We believe in collaborative creation. Our team has lived on the factory floor manufacturing our creations and operated cutting edge attractions for over a decade.



We believe the life cycle of our product isn’t over when an attraction opens –our success is when guests come back over and over again. 



We're experts in the human element, which can be full of surprises...ultimately defining the success or failure of an entertainment experience.